7/21/12 - Paula's Eating/Exercise Journal: Tuesday

by Paula (Clean Eating Expert) 21. July 2012 18:22

Hello.  It is important to make yourself, your workout, and your eating habits a priority for your better physical and mental health, but never underestimate the importance of support from friends and family in this process. 

It's important when trying to change from a 'fast food' lifestyle, to clean eating, that you create an environment in your home (your pantry, your fridge, and wherever you stash your feel -good food)  that encourages the accessibility of healthy choices ( apples, almonds, yogurt,brown rice, whole wheat bread,  fish, chicken breasts and all kinds of veggies), but also it is very helpful when your friends and family are encouraging your choices, and not trying to sabotage your healthy eating (" oh, come on, its just a cheeseburger and fries", or "one bowl of pasta Alfredo won't kill you...").  It's so easy to fall back into old patterns.  Explain to your friends/family how these changes will bring you better health, and a happier lifestyle.

Many people find it is helpful to their continued success with cardio/weight training to have a gym buddy.  When there is someone waiting for you, you feel more of an obligation to 'show up'; accountability. Many people find that support from a trainer, but it can be pricey.  If you have a friend that may join you at your home for a video workout, or at an aerobic/yoga/spinning class, the comradery makes it fun and more likely that you'll keep up with it. 

You can also read my blog everyday (respond with any comments/rating directly to the blog), and interact with me as your workout buddy. I'd also welcome any of you to post a 'response video'  to my workout video's that are going to see here.   

Tuesday 7/21 Workout:

Recumbent Bike- 30 minutes

Treadmill 30 minutes, 1.96 miles

Strength Train- chest

Flat bench bar press- 29 lb. on bar

Squat with 20 lb barbell

Flat Bench Dumbbell Flye- 15 lb

Push ups- 15 x 3

Pilaties circle press

Standing Cable Chest Press-1 tube

Tuesday 7/21 Food Diary:

Breakfast-ate late

Apple(67 cal.)

1/2 cup non fat vanilla yogurt, 1/4 cup non fat cottage cheese, 1/2 cup blueberries/blackberries/strawberries with 1/2 cup Archer protein cereal (145 cal.)

A.M. Snack-

Protein shake (220 cal.)


5 oz. Tilapia ( 90 cal.)

salad- 2 cups raw spinach, 5 cherry tomatoes, 1 small slice non fat  feta cheese, 1/8 garbanzo beans (120 cal.)

P.M. Snack-

2 tbls. Almond butter (120 cal.)

2 pieces whole wheat toast (100 cal.)

1 whole banana(90 cal.)


1 piece pizza (169 cal.)

Yogurt/cottage cheese -same bowl as breakfast - yes it was one of those kinds of days ( 145 cal.)

1 cup Post raisin bran cereal ( 160 cal.)

Fruit chews ( 120 cal.)







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