07/15/12- Paula's Healthy Eating/Exerciase Journal- Sunday

by Paula (Clean Eating Expert) 13. July 2012 08:00

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Today I want to talk about figuring out what direction in workout /nutrition is right for you.  I was talking to my sister the other day, and she asked me "what should I do? I lose weight when I run, but I've been trying to diversify my workout by doing the elliptical, weight training...What should I choose?" ( I told her that if weight loss is her goal then run- as long as your knee's can stand it- but don't give up weight training, whose benefits go on throughout the day by stacking your metabolism)  Another question may be, 1300 calories per day vs. 2000 calories per day like the diagrams show for someone my age...Super high protein diet vs. 12-20 grams per day?  Bottom line=Listen To Your Body!  A trainer recommended a super high protein diet for weight loss/muscle building for me once.  I was eating so much chicken I thought I'd grow feathers.  It didn't help me loose weight! It stopped up my digestive system and gave me gas that would make a trucker blush!  A nutritionist that I went to see said that my system was rebelling against such high amounts of meat based protein.  Bottom line; Listen to your body!  Now, if your body is screaming Big Mac's and HoHo's...edit.  But if walking gets results then walk over biking.  Your weight loss stats  will eventually stop improving,  because the body gets familiar with the same thing all the time, but you know your body and how it reacts to different variables.  Make healthy choices, but be true to yourself.  Enjoy Life!

Sunday 7/12 Workout:

Biking on the street- 90 minutes, 16.4 miles

Sunday 7/12 Food Diary:


Protein powder shake- (90 cal.)

1/2 cup non fat vanilla yogurt

1/4 cup non fat cottage cheese

1/4 cup mixed berries- total for the yogurt ,cottage cheese, berries ( 95 cal.)Protein and yogurt mix was eaten early a.m. before I went out on my bike

Banana (90 cal.)

Protein shake ( 90 cal.)


3 oz chicken breast- (150 cal.)

Whole wheat tortilla( 125 cal.)

3/4 cup spinach, 4 spears asparagus (40 cal)

Mango salsa- 1 tbls ( 20 cal.)

P.M. Snack-

Asparagus ( 1 cup)(40 cal.)

Apple ( 67 cal.)

Dinner -

4oz prime rib (360 cal.)

Mixed veggies (60 cal.)

Oatmeal raisin cookie ( 210 cal.)


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