7/4/13 - Katie's Healthy Eating Journal: Saturday

by Katie (Jenny Craig 2009 Poster Girl) 5. July 2012 09:48

Whooo!  I am excited, today I weighed in at 116.4!  For some reason, I just feel more comfortable at this weight (maybe because I know I have more flexibility until I reach 120)?  Trust me, I know some of you may be thinking, "Really?!  She worries about a pound or two when she WEIGHS 116!?"  I keep bringing this up from previous blogs because I was there, too.  I remember thinking girls that as small as size 6 must be the minority because it was inconceivable to me for to be that small.  But, with the right balancing of all the food groups in the pyramid, smaller portions, and exercise it IS possible!  I'm living proof of this considering I was always a bigger girl compared to my peers. 

I think the first step for me to make life-long changes was to admit that I, inded, was overweight.  I was so embarrased by how big I had gotten I didn't even want my husband (boyfriend at the time) to know what size I was.  I was literally cutting the tags out of my clothes so he wouldn't know that they read size 14 or 16.  But, he did know I had become really consumed with yo-yo diets and working out.  We were both worried because I had become so discouraged with myself.  It wasn't until my husand (in a kind and positive way) encouraged me to walk through the door of Jenny Craig.  His advice was, " What's the harm in trying?  Just see what they have to say.  Do you want me to go in with you?"  Before, during, and after Jenny Craig it was my husband and my parents who were my biggest advocates.  My husband got rid of the junk food in the house and for family dinners it was my parents that were in complete support of me sticking to my program. 

Who can be your advocate?  Find someone who wants to see you succeed.  Never once did my husband or family say, "Do you really want to eat that?"  I do not think that kind of mentality is positive, nor does it help.  On any healty eating plan there have to be OCCASIONAL moments when you eat something (in a small portion) that you enjoy.  But, finding a positive support system can help!  Tomorrow I will discuss how activity was and is such an intregal part of how I see success.

Exercise -

dancing for 30 minutes


Breakfast -

1 packet of low sugar oatmeal

1/4 cup of raisins

1/2 cup fat free milk

Small banana

Lunch -

1/2 large spinach tortilla wrap (lettuce, tomato, grilled chicken, hot sauce)

6 oz. yogurt

sugar-free jello

2 tbsp. fat-free cool whip

Snack -


Dinner -

Salad (tomatoes, mixed greens, mushrooms, croutons)

2 tbsp. ranch

2 oz. turkery burger

1/2 cup instant mashed potatoes with fat-free spray butter

Snack -

100 calorie pack

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